The association

Quebec Parthenais Bovine Breeders Association Inc. was founded on December 1st, 2011. Its main aim is to promote the Parthenais breed of cattle in Quebec and bring together breeders around a common goal: genetic improvement of beef cattle in Quebec.

Purebred calves are sent to market at roughly 500 to 650 pounds. They are sold directly to consumers and specialized butcher shops.

The Parthenais breed is registering about 180 head in Quebec.

Some breeders use bull semen dispatched from France for genetic improvement of the Parthenais breed in Quebec.

Amongst the founding members of the association, three of them use Parthenais bulls for cross-breeding with their Angus, Blonde d’Aquitaine and Piedmontese cows.

The mission of Quebec Parthenais Bovine Breeders Association is to monitor improvement of the breed, and unite breeders by offering valuable advice and technical training in husbandry methods, producing feeder calves, conformation, selection and classification of Parthenais beef cattle in Quebec.



Michel Daviau, Ferme Michel Daviau


Michel Langevin, Ferme Langevin SENC


Louis Arès, Ferme L.L.R. Arès & fils enr.

Guy Lalande, Ferme Lalande SENC

Jean-Pierre Lavoie, Les Élevages Pier-Zane enr.


Maureen Landry, 819 336-3966